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Types of properties we serve:

Non-Residential Properties

Non-residential properties can be increased by any amount each year. The Assessor’s office uses the data available to them to determine the value. With commercial properties, we look at the three major appraisal methods (market, income and cost) and present the best findings to negotiate the lowest possible value. We often ask for rental income information from our commercial clients, which can be very helpful in situations with high vacancy rates or if the subject property’s lease rate is lower than average in the area. We research various sources for sales of comparable properties that support a lower value. We utilize Marshall & Swift to determine if the cost to rebuild is lower than the assessed value.

Residential Properties

Residential properties can, and most often do, increase in taxable value by 3% per year.  However, in past few years, the median home sale prices in Bernalillo County increased a whopping 20-30% per year!  The housing market all across NM saw similar increases.  The market is slowing somewhat, but assessed values are based on last year’s sales. For this reason, we will not be protesting most residential properties in 2023. There are a few exceptions:  If you purchased your residence in 2022 and the assessed value is higher than your purchase price, we may be able to lower it. If you built a home in 2022 and the assessed value is higher than your cost to build it, or you did not have a Certificate of Occupancy on January 1, 2023, we may be able to lower it

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